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Laser Information

How does ink type impact removal? Amateur and homemade inks are usually more easily removed. Non-professional tattoo application often means that the ink does not penetrate the skin as deeply as a professional artist is trained to achieve. There are a variety of inks that professionals use.

sleeve concept

just started the second image for a sleeve based on the Ray Bradbury collection of stories ‘The Illustrated Man’ – the first image is Jesus wearing an Astronaut helmet and the second is the fox in the woods- wielding a big chainsaw .

ink for heroes

just booking in for ink for heroes tattoo convention – JUNE 22/23RD – will be designing tattoos to do on the two days that are linked to my exhibition this month – more to follow – will be taking bookings for the event soon if anyone would like to be  included and inked – going [...]

prosthetic leg tatttoo

tattoo artist part of national war exhibition

Dale will be taking part in a major exhibition and conference  in conjunction with the imperial war museum.  Dale will be using a prosthetic leg as part of his body of work. The leg will be ‘tattooed’ and illustrate some political statements and highlight the loss associated with conflict. All are welcome!